Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tuning Fork Cafe; 25 W Mill St, Bayfield, CO 81122

Located in the heart of Bayfield, Colorado, this extremely friendly coffee shop with a great atmosphere is perfect for the casual meeting, quiet time or other activities along those lines.  The coffee is great, prices are comparable, and the selection of food (breakfast and lunch) are off the hook good! This place is open Monday thru Friday 7a to 2p, Saturday 8a to 2pm and CLOSED on Sunday. i find that pretty attractive in and of its self.

i have visited this place about 5 times, from just running in for a cup of joe to meeting a friend for a meeting, even some quiet time and to write. It has met my need each time. The other day Kaylee and i came in for some coffee before i took her to school. Across the street was parked an old pickup truck with (now i am no dog expert) a hound dog perched on the oversized tool chest in the back. Kaylee and i both remarked how cool that was...having two dogs of our own knowing neither one would be so cool, no they would be half way down the street in and out of traffic and it would about ruin our morning.

Upon entering the Tuning Fork i saw a gentleman sitting at a table. Cowboy hat, denim shirt, vest, jeans and cowboy boots, his hair was long and his face sort of droopy. He wasn't sad mind you, you know how owners and dogs start to look alike...ya these two nailed that one. i asked, "is that your dog out there?" "Sure is" he responded, "he needs a girlfriend." What? Kaylee and i said nothing, we LAL'd (laughed a little) not to be confused with LOL. Once we got our drinks we headed out to school and we both said, "that was weird." It was one of those moments that sort of kills any sort of conversation...maybe that was his point either way it did.

Anyway, here are my takeaways from that day; Cowboys still exist. Cool dogs still exist. Coffee shops in crazy little downs do exist.