Monday, August 12, 2013

the Electric Bean

i didn't get electrocuted when i drank the coffee and so i took it as a good sign. The Electric Bean is a very youth oriented coffee shop. Equipped with free wifi, electrical outlets and USB ports for your cell phone and other chargers it really makes their slogan, "A Place to Recharge," come to life. The uniqueness of this coffee shop doesn't end there, in the corner sits a large stage for Friday night concerts and an open mic night. But wait there's more! On Saturday this place has either two church services...5pm and 7pm or one church service 5 to 7...the font makes it hard to understand but either way...this coffee shop by day is a Church by night and i think that is pretty sweet!

They are also advertising a community revival which will take place at 814 15th Ave in the parking lot of the Longview Church of the that is pretty spectacular! August 23-25, 2013. From what i understand the coffee shop is a non-profit and therefor all the proceeds get turned back into the community.

Here is the only catch i have seen so far, i have been here nearly all day. Arriving just after 9am, i did leave for lunch before coming back, at present it is 4:30pm, and i am one of only a dozen customers. Located on the corner of 10th Ave and Washington Way in Longview Washington, but you wouldn't know it if you weren't looking for it. It sits at the end of a building that houses, "Vacuums and More" and that is the sign you see.
 A hidden treasure in Longview. i had a coffee in the morning and a smoothie in the afternoon and both were very good. If you find yourself in Longview, know someone in Longview or plan to move here, put the Electric Bean on your list of places to visit and come enjoy the coffee and a concert on Friday night, or bring your talent and perform during one of the open mic's. My recommendation for a Church in Longview is the Church of the Nazarene, located at 814 15th Ave...the Pastor there is awesome!

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