Thursday, August 29, 2013

lostcoffee 3980 Limelight Ave, Castle Rock, CO 80109

LC, lostcoffee, not sure of the name. By that i simply mean i don't know why they chose that name, if there is some significance to it or not, some story behind it, etc. It seems an odd name to me. Regardless of the name the coffee is great. The atmosphere is nice, as they flood the room with Christian music. Hungry? That's ok, they have an assortment of food to tie you over. With reasonable pricing, this will be a frequent work space for me.

It is locally owned and operated, with two locations, this one located just down the hill from the house makes it extremely convenient. It has a homey feeling, this morning when i left i said, "i am off to the office." i came here yesterday for the first time. Today i have sent emails, made phone calls and enjoyed coffee. i will be preaching this week at the Connection Church of the Nazarene in Castle Rock, CO, therefore i will be also doing some sermon prep here as well. i will also be returning as i work on the funeral service for my grandma. i am extremely honored and humbled that i was asked by the family to officiate her funeral as well as the inurnment the following week in Washington.

It's going to be a good day, in-spite of the fact that the neighbor backed into my jeep this morning. It's a good thing that i had the doors off or the damage really would have been bad. As it is the one who hit my parked jeep got the worst of it. He was apologetic and will be making restitution. All is good.

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