Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Bagel Factory (100 W. 34. Ave. Anchorage)

It's been awhile, if you follow this only, you won't how busy my life has become, so i will just say...its been busy. However, today instead of having our ministry meeting at the church or at Elim Cafe as we normally rotate between those two places, we chose to branch out. This morning we met at "The Bagel Factory" on 34 Ave. across from Outback Steak House. i had actually pinned this place awhile ago as a place i wanted to go to after eating at Outback Steak House with my amazingly wonderful bride Jen.  So when the discussion opened to have our ministry meeting over breakfast, i saw the opportunity.

i arrived first, well walked in first anyway, went to a table in the back ordered three waters, a cup of coffee and grabbed a high chair for my Youth Pastor's one year old. i won't bore you with our ministry meeting but i will say that sometimes just getting together with the leadership team is all that is needed, as we build camaraderie and synergy within the ministry of Jewel Lake Community (www.jlcn.org).

As you may be aware, one of the reasons i like to check out new coffee shops is to find a place to work from on those days i just need to be out of the office but have things to do. A place to read, write, think, pray...yet have the distant fellowship of others in space. i will begin my critic of "The Bagel Factory" by saying this meets non of those requirements. The place is bright, the tables are pressed in, there is no wi-fi available and the intent of the staff seems to be, "turn the table".  Although friendly, (i could say something here but will refrain, for some insight on why, click here.

Just because this restaurant doesn't meet my previously stated needs, doesn't mean it isn't a good place. The food was good, coffee Kaladi's, and overall atmosphere was pleasant. The prices are a bit high for my pocketbook, even for the quality of the food, which i stated was good not great. i am going to give "The Bagel Factory" 3 cups...and that third cup might not be completely full but over half.

The Bagel Factory U> U> U> (good for bagels, not for work)