Friday, September 7, 2012

13th and I

Do you enjoy drinking coffee in your break room at work? Like the warehouse feel? Like sitting near a window and feel like your in an auto body shop that sells vegetables? Well, do i have the place for you! That's right. The New Sagaya City Market on 13th and I downtown is the place for you. Ok maybe I am being a little harsh, after all its not billed as a "Coffee Shop". It is however, a market, fresh meats, specialty foods, vegetables etc. this is their business and they do it well.

i should also say that i did find an opportunity to practice the presence of God. In spite of my surroundings i was able to still find a quiet stillness in which to meet with Jesus. i was only interrupted by my scheduled meeting with a friend and fellow Kingdom worker. i was quite surprised at how Jesus has been speaking to me and working in me regardless of where i am or what's going on around me.

Back to New Sagaya, i did like the New Sagaya Mid-Town market better (see previous post), it has less of a warehouse feel, but the more i think about it gearing up to write this post i have changed my mind. Although it is more warehouse-esk i like the location as it seems more of a "central" point in a community. The hub if you will, "lets walk down, grab coffee at the market and get some steak or fresh fish for dinner." Of course i enjoy "farmers markets" and small town feels in urban areas and New Sagaya, nails it!

Its only going to get 3 cups of coffee but...if i lived near by, i would be there often. U> U> U>