Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jeepers Jitters we have a winner!

well, as the lack of entry indicates i have been busy and unable to visit new coffee shops and when i do it hasn’t been with enough experience to actually blog anything. however, this is my second thursday at, “jeepers” or as it is better known, “jitters” in eagle river. 
last week i ran into a fellow pastor friend of mine who pastor’s the local church here in eagle river. i say that as if there is only one church here in this part of town...and by the sound of some of them, that’s probably a true statement. but alas there are a lot of buildings with a sign, “church” on the property. anyway it was nice to sit and talk with him about our different ministry assignments and sermon preparation stuff. exchange ideas and fellowship. it was also fun because he is the pastor that jen and i have asked to perform our wedding ceremony and do some pre-marital stuff. 
this place is hopping for sure! i believe i over heard someone exclaim, “jeepers batman, i have the jitters!” ok, not really, but i wouldn’t put it past someone to say that given its business. when i walked in there was one half table attached to the wall. which reminded me of “solid ground cafe” the youth ministry room in weaverville, ca. that i designed with the help of some amazing youth workers and youth. anyway we put in a half table attached to the was pretty cool. so needless to say i didn’t feel slighted that that was the table i had to choose. 
i stayed there for about an hour before another table opened up that i could move to...and i did. i needed a little more space to spread out with my bible, notebook, computer and coffee. speaking of coffee they serve kaladi brothers coffee here so it is yummy. i got a sludge cup, which is just drip coffee with a shot of espresso in it...good stuff. i also ordered a breakfast burrito with veggies, also super yummy! with how busy this place is i was really surprised at the amount of work i was able to accomplish. i think the atmosphere lends itself well to relaxing even with all the people here. 
the line has been steady the whole morning into now the afternoon. so i think the secret is out. which isn’t a terrible thing...means the place will be open for a while. which means i have a thursday morning coffee shop stop. that’s right, at least for awhile, this is going to be my thursday morning home for reading and sermon prep and of course coffee. 
this is a 5 cup coffee house.... “Jeepers Jitters we have a winner!”

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