Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kaladi Brothers Coffee on Brayton or Frontage Road between Dimond and Dowling.

I have been battling a cold since Sunday. I made it through service by God's grace and now feel perhaps on the upswing. I decided to venture out of the house today, which I did. My first stop was Kaladi Brothers Coffee. I received several gift cards for Kaladi Brothers, so I figured I would start visiting some of the locations around Anchorage. This location is not the easiest to get to, but you wouldn't know it by being in it, it was packed. I believe that they also roast coffee at this location, a hub of some sort I am sure.

I learned a few things while I was there and wrote them down on a piece of paper. Here is that note in its entirety written out for you just as I wrote it on paper.

things i learned today: 
liberty tax statue dancers earn on average $9 an our and work in four hour shifts. 
people still seek fortune tellers.
all political jokes are liberal leaning and by liberal i mean communist not just liberal in terms of social justice.
the beauty of art is much like the beauty in a person, it is in the eye of the beholder...it may be hard to see on the surface, but if you look close enough, deep enough, long enough everything is beautiful.
if you don’t read a paper “before” its printed its already old news.
Jesus still has all the answers and I have a long way to go. 
My intention is, in fact, simply to “die” to the past somehow (realizing the past has made me who I am today). To live more abandoned to God’s will and less concerned with (my own) projects and initiatives.
Actually I feel more sure than I ever have in my life that I am obeying the Lord and am on the way He wills for me, though at the same time I am struck and appalled (more than ever!) by the shoddiness of my response. 
I am just beginning to awaken and to realize how much more awakening is to come.
I was just invited to a conference called the “Awakening”.
people still like poofy hairdos, talking loud, and wearing sweatpants in public.
i very much like being in a crowed of people but being completely alone...when i am not the only one alone. 

Kaladi Brothers, I like this place, I even like the location, but not for reading just people watching. All in all 4 cups U>U>U>U> .....but still, on to the next!

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