Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kaladi Brothers Coffee on 6901 E. Tudor

I was given some Kaladi Brothers gift cards for Christmas and I am putting them to good use buying coffee and visiting the several Kaladi locations around town. This isn’t my first visit to this location I had coffee with a friend here once but its been some time since then. 
Have you ever seen the movie, “That Thing You Do”? Well the main character ‘Guy Patterson’ and his eventual girlfriend ‘Faye’ played by Liv Tyler in the movie are here in this local. Not the actors, but a couple of college kids that if they were making a remake of the movie, they just walked off the set. 
I’m not a big fan of valentines day, at least what society has turned it into. Also, taking into account what St. Valentines Day can represent, Chicago gang wars of the late 1920‘s is one and the 14 martyred saints named “Valentine” is a bit odd and creepy but all in all it is a day of love now and that is what people think of it. I don’t mind it all that much but it is a day of constant reminders of where I am currently in life, not so much fun. Time to count my blessings....ok done, just kidding. I am super blessed. God continues to shower down upon me major blessings and I am extremely thankful for each of them. 
I was reading Thomas Merton, I know big surprise, he writes this: “The thing is to cling to God’s will and truth in their purity and try to be sincere and to act in all things out of genuine love, in so far as I can.” I whole heartedly agree. This day of love should only act as a reminder of our daily desire not a single day in which to act or a memorial in which to sulk. 
So far this Kaladi Brothers is a huge winner! In fact it’s going to get my first 5 cup rating even though its a chain. The way it is set up lends itself to a great atmosphere. The coffee is always good, the staff exceptional and in the middle there is a ladies Bible study, Jeremiah 29 is the topic. It seems very interesting. 
Kaladi Brothers on E. Tudor gets....yes 5 out of 5 cups U>U>U>U>U> 
I wish it were closer but I will be back here again. It will be put into my rotation as I continue to hunt other coffee shops. Remember, “to act in all things out of genuine love, in as far as I (you) can.” 

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