Thursday, January 19, 2012

Alaska Bagel Restaurant

We've been meeting with Jesus at the Alaska Bagel Restaurant at 113 West Northern Lights for a couple of weeks. There are plenty of places here to sit that is for sure. Large dining area with tables for loners, such as myself currently, and groups of 14, I say 14 because there is currently a group that size. Some local business or department within a business bought breakfast for its staff. They started streaming in shortly after we began our Coffee with Jesus meeting. At one point I was thinking I wish we had taken a table off to the side, not in the middle of the room, but the Spirit quickly checked that thought and I realized we need to be more center than we are most of the time. Well at least me anyway, maybe you don't have that same issue. I am the sort, believe it or not, that likes to be against the wall looking in on whats going on. A people watcher by hobby I don't prefer the limelight, which sort of goes against part of what I do for a living, speaking in front of groups of people. Although around family, I can be a bit more free.

Other "Jesus" or Bible folks are meeting in here today, they met last week also. Not sure if they are an every day group or just a Thursday group like we are. One of our group talked with them briefly this morning before I arrived, yes I was a few minutes late, terrible I know. Anyway this group met off in the corner out of the way, probably have my personality type. Just now another group of men showed up, looks like a mens prayer breakfast or better a fellowship group, less emphasis on the prayer part. They're older all their cell phones are set at the highest volume setting, they answer and yell into the phone, "WHAT?" a lot. Granted it is a restaurant but its fairly quiet at the moment most groups have moved on to the rest of their day and the place is now mostly filled with folks sitting alone. The waitress has been a champion, working the room mostly by herself.

We are studying James, only two verses in, our discussion today was, "count it all joy when you face trials..." or "consider", as my version rendered it. We looked at the meaning of the word "joy" and that it means, "the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation: She felt the joy of seeing her son's success." It seems contrary to life to count trials as joy given that definition. How does one take difficult circumstances that by their very nature bring one down and "turn that frown, upside down"? To use a cliche. I thought immediately of Paul and Silas, when after being beaten, they were thrown in prison, their response..."about midnight they were praying and singing hymns..." I have some work to do on this matter personally, counting trials as joy. I do an ok job of it but I have vast room for improvement.

The bagels here are good, really good. Always fresh. The coffee is delicious too. Smooth and savory but simple nothing complex. The employees are friendly and hard working. All in All, four very full cups of coffee ;) U> U> U> U>