Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cafe Vivachi on Dimond across from alaska usa near the ups store

I was awakened by Daisy this morning nearly clawing my eye out as she wanted desperately for me to take her out. She is an alarm clock without a snooze. So I got up, put on a sweatshirt, my sweat pants, a jacket, scarf, gloves and my slippers and took her outside where -2 degrees was waiting to greet us. greet us it did. after coming back into the house i could not get warm, I was frozen. I had woken up in the middle of the night with a dry throat and that uh oh feeling in my head. I thought here comes the sickness everyone is talking about.  I climbed back in bed at 8am fully dressed, in fact I only took the slippers and the gloves off and wrapped myself in my blanket, a minute later I was out.

I woke up again at 10 and was feeling good (thanks to those of you who knew and were praying), so I took a quick shower, and headed out the door. I new where I wanted to go this morning. A coffee shop that I have been to before but have yet to write about it. Cafe Vivachi. Last time I was here there was an old couple playing "farkle" a dice game and the TV was blasting the History Channel. Today no "farkle" but the TV was blasting the History Channel. The owner, at least I think she is the owner, was sitting and watching intently, "The Fall of Germany" or something like that.

The Cafe Vivachi is small but comfortable. Big windows let the sun in but with adjustable blinds to block direct sunlight. There is a couch and a couple of chairs set around a coffee table near the TV and an electronic fire place mounted on the wall.  The employees all seem to be nice, including the last time I was in. Today's employee was also a stewardess for a local in-state airline, I know this because she was having a conversation with perhaps a son or grandson of the owner. I am assuming this as I say the two of them sitting together and then the young man went behind the counter and was helping himself.

The coffee was good, I of course got an americano and this time a pumpkin muffin...probably from costco which is located just across the street really.  The muffin was good, they had other muffins there, some bananas and an assortment of bagged potato chips. This would be a great place to come and read, low traffic, simple well spaced seating, comfortable atmosphere, if it weren't for the blasted TV. I will come again however, for as I was really just getting settled I got a phone call from a friend, Jim, who was on his way to the church to help me with the wireless internet there, which I am using now to write this blog. Even got the printers back on the network as well. It is good to have friends!

So all in all I will give Cafe Vivachi 3 1/2 cups. U>U>U> J>

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