Thursday, November 3, 2011

Barnes & Noble Cafe on A and Benson

i love bookstore coffee shops. i don't know why really i just do...there is something about the feel of a giant bookstore, coffee and people.  like a giant personal library except i don't own any of the books, don't know the people and don't have to make the coffee but otherwise its exactly the same.

what was really appealing to the eye was the "starbucks coffee" sign on the cafe sign.  talk about spirits lifted...oh joy to my tastebuds! my steps increased as i got closer to tastebud heaven as i ordered my tall pumpkin spice latte and a roasted tomato compress sandwich. i pulled out my starbucks gift card and was about to pay, "sorry we don't except starbucks cards here." "what?!" i thought, "what of the giant sign, like the bat signal is to batman so is the starbucks sign to me, and you don't except starbucks cards?!?!" i might have said something to the clerk but she was nice and so i couldn't get to upset. besides i had cash to cover so i wasn't to terrible embarrassed.

as i waited for my food and coffee, my sandwich was done well before my coffee...the one barista working the coffee end was slow...and by slow i mean just that slow! "john!" she called. john came got his drink that she set near my food. john now had to reach over my food nearly putting the arm of his coat into or onto my sandwich...that looked really good by the way. "that's the no whip, i have the whip one coming now," she said. "great," i thought, "another chance to have coat lint in my sandwich." luckily she set it further to the side this time and when john came to get his drink no inappropriate sandwich touching.

starbucks coffee is starbucks coffee, you either love it or you don't and if you don't you're crazy, so lets just jump to the sandwich. this roasted tomato, is good enough to make me want to come here for lunch. the bread is a seasoned thin crusted roll with cheese baked on top. it has melted provolone cheese with of course roasted tomato with a basil sauce drizzled on. so so so very good! served with a bag of kettle brand, potato chips with sea salt made for a most excellent lunch.

if you are in the area looking for a great sandwich, great coffee and aren't in to much of a hurry...barnes & noble is the place for you...i am giving it 4 cups, only for the slowness of the barista.

U>U>U>U> (very full cups!)


  1. you know the coolest thing in the first photo of the sign. just under the sign there appears to be a cross...i find that to be very cool! just thought i would point it out.

  2. It's a sign from Jesus! but wait, people also see these things in their beer. . .
    it's still cool