Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Downtown Starbucks on 5th Avenue

On my way in from speaking at Wasilla Lake Christian School's chapel service I stopped by the Main OCS office in Anchorage to drop off some paperwork. I am beginning to enjoy downtown more and more. Its really like most downtowns, pretty touristy and yet homey. I guess that's a good thing if I am going to live here. You know to feel as if it is "homey". Anyway there is a Starbucks in downtown on Fifth Avenue near the mall. It just so happens that I had a gift certificate for a free drink...whats better than free? Free, Starbucks! So I drove down the road a bit from the OCS office which is on 4th Avenue then doubled know oneway streets and all. Then paid my parking meter and walked about a block and a half to the store. I really like this Starbucks and in-spite of its "GREAT" location it really is slow. Of course part of its detraction is the metered parking all around.

What can I say about the coffee...not much, it's Starbucks and the good thing about that is it is pretty much the same everywhere you go, and here is no exception. Of course it being a Starbucks the ambiance of the place is typical of all the stores except for the appeal of the downtown city view out the large windows that make up the southeast facing wall.

It has a very quiet atmosphere as well, the music although noticeable is not overpowering. And the customers seem to be respectful of others in the store. This place as I think about it just adds to my growing love for downtown. Starbucks always gets high marks but this one is going to exceed some of the others in town for atmosphere and downtown appeal.

Easy 4 1/2 Cups <U<U<U<U J>

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