Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Elim Cafe on Dimond

Out exploring coffee shops...must be a Tuesday morning! I was rather proud of myself last night for actually getting to bed before 12! So today is already feeling most excellent! Decided to head on down to Elim Cafe this morning. I was here once before and the place was packed...ladies doing crafts, scrapbooking, canasta, whatever it was loud and crowded. I drank my coffee and bailed. This morning there is one guy over on the computer wall (they have a counter with 4 or so computers for public use, not sure if they charge for that), a couple meeting, if I had to guess, for the first time, older, seems to be going well. Oh and I don't want to leave out the young gal working the counter very pleasant but slightly distracted as I had to get her attention in order to order. Today, americano (did you expect anything different?) and a turkey and cheese croissant.

The coffee isn't terrible, but I have a hard time believing I will find anything as good as "Steam Dot" in the realm of coffee. The atmosphere here is rather nice this morning, classical music playing in the back ground if I had to guess who it was, I would say....who are we kidding it all sounds the same to me. I think I want to come back when they have live music. They have a stage area so I can only assume they use it for that or poetry readings maybe...I am sure they have a schedule perhaps online. They do have a website: www.elimcafe.com

Elim Cafe....all in all a nice little place that I will be giving 4 cups    U> U> U> U>

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Downtown Starbucks on 5th Avenue

On my way in from speaking at Wasilla Lake Christian School's chapel service I stopped by the Main OCS office in Anchorage to drop off some paperwork. I am beginning to enjoy downtown more and more. Its really like most downtowns, pretty touristy and yet homey. I guess that's a good thing if I am going to live here. You know to feel as if it is "homey". Anyway there is a Starbucks in downtown on Fifth Avenue near the mall. It just so happens that I had a gift certificate for a free drink...whats better than free? Free, Starbucks! So I drove down the road a bit from the OCS office which is on 4th Avenue then doubled back...you know oneway streets and all. Then paid my parking meter and walked about a block and a half to the store. I really like this Starbucks and in-spite of its "GREAT" location it really is slow. Of course part of its detraction is the metered parking all around.

What can I say about the coffee...not much, it's Starbucks and the good thing about that is it is pretty much the same everywhere you go, and here is no exception. Of course it being a Starbucks the ambiance of the place is typical of all the stores except for the appeal of the downtown city view out the large windows that make up the southeast facing wall.

It has a very quiet atmosphere as well, the music although noticeable is not overpowering. And the customers seem to be respectful of others in the store. This place as I think about it just adds to my growing love for downtown. Starbucks always gets high marks but this one is going to exceed some of the others in town for atmosphere and downtown appeal.

Easy 4 1/2 Cups <U<U<U<U J>

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Steamdot, near O'Malley and Old Seward

"Alaska Air Roasted Coffee" Not sure how exactly Alaska Air can roast anything but it sure is a bold statement, or foolish. It is a spacious coffee shop, streamline good spacing, open entry with two distinct sides...at least today. The giant sign on the front awning reads, SteamDot Coffee (and underneath) espresso & coffee lab, yes, lab. Behind a large window is what moonshiners referred to as a still. Is it still a still if its for coffee?

The Coffee is simply amazing! By recommendation of the Barista I am enjoying, Caldera Blend espresso...again FANTASTIC! It is a complex coffee with a smooth finish and leaves a dark chocolate taste in my mouth. If you know me you know I enjoy a good dark chocolate. The coffee alone is reason to frequent this place and frequent people do, this place is busy!

When I first came in I was only one of a hand full in Steamdot but that didn't last long. On the far side there seems to be some sort of mom's group. They are too far away to know what they are all about but they have their kids with them and they are loudly playing at the table beside the moms who are loudly enjoying their time together...it appears as if they are all having fun. In-spite of the coffee mix up. There was a gentleman in here he ordered a Walnut Latte while he was on the phone. He was on the phone the entire time he was in Steamdot. The barista called out, "latte for Kristen!" Eric, the man on the phone walked up took the latte and sat down. I was looking at some of the products they sell with a giant smile on my face. Kristen walked up to the counter looking for her latte that had magically or not so magically walked away. The Barista, observed the whole thing because when asked by Kristen where her latte was the response was, "I think that gentleman took it." (HAHA you think). Kristen thought about going over and getting it as she turned and took a few steps toward Eric. Thinking more about it she went back to the counter, "I don't think I should have to go over there and get my latte." The Barista didn't want to either and said, "I will make you another one real quick." Funny thing she still made Eric his Walnut Latte. "Eric, Walnut Latte!" I looked over, he looked up, I turned away with a grin, he continued his conversation I am sure thinking, "what did she say?" The Barista called out, "Chris, Americano!" I ran to the counter as fast as I could as to not allow anyone else a chance to steal my coffee...just kidding. I walked over took my cup and sat down, "Eric, Walnut Latte!" You could hear the thoughts almost, "Oh she did just call my name, I thought this tasted different." Eric got up walked over to the counter, took the other cup of coffee and drank it too...two for one special!

check it out on the web: www.steamdot.com

I like it, I will be back for sure! 4 and 1/2 cups :):):):):