Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Terra Bella's

Today I met up with an old friend and a new friend at Terra Bella's in Anchorage on Dimond (this is how dimond is spelt in Alaska, I do believe it is a person’s name) and Old Seward near Bed Bath and Beyond. This is a cute little “organic” coffee and sandwich cafĂ©.  I walked into a full room and thought, "this is a good sign." I surveyed the menu and the coffee of the day caught my eye, "Mexico Chiapas" that was an easy decision; now for something to eat. The menu wasn't too extensive, mostly soups and sandwiches. I studied the menu for a minute before locking in on, "Terra Turkey Avocado Sandwich." I took my seat and anticipated the arrival of my lunch and friends. That decision was made for me as well as there was only one table to choose from. I sat down took out my Kindle and began to read just then my coffee and sandwich arrived, “that was quick” I thought to myself. I took the cup of coffee brought it to my mouth; let the aroma waft up to my nostrils…I was pleased. Taking a sip the fullness of this dark roast set my taste buds into a euphoric state. It only enhanced my anticipation of my sandwich but that would have to wait as my friend (the older in time known but younger in age to my new friend I was yet to meet).  

We greeted each other as friends do and knowing that the table I chose wasn’t sufficient said, “This was the only table available when I arrived but some people have left so we can move.” This idea was agreeable so we move into the heart of the coffee shop. My friend after setting his things down went to order his food.  He returned quickly and I had yet taken a bite of my sandwich. I should tell you that the sandwich was served with a pickle spear and tortilla chips.  When he sat down we entered into a conversation that required his full attention to which he was obliged to offer and since I was taught not to speak with my mouth full I held off eating this sandwich that now was calling my name. His wrap arrived, also served with a pickle spear and tortilla chips, so we took a small break and began to eat. 

Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I enjoy “Mexican” style food and tortilla chips fall into that category. I picked one and bit into it and………………stale. Yes, stale, like the chips had been sitting in an open bin for a week. I ate them anyway but come on…stale chips?! “Ok I thought, its only chips.” Taking turns in our conversation I took a bite of my sandwich. Oh, my sandwich, I had been anticipating this bite from the moment I saw it on the menu, anything with avocado should be a win.  I wanted so badly for this sandwich to be a win, but, alas it was not. The bread, a wheat bread, was dry and cut way to thick.  The dressing on the sandwich, cream cheese base, was good but being a cream cheese didn’t help the dryness of the bread. And of course, turkey has a tendency to be dry if not served fresh and cooked to perfection…neither case here. Sadly the whole thing was far too dry to really enjoy.  Stale chips, dry turkey sandwich, saved by a pickle spear? Well, it’s hard to mess up a pickle spear.  To Terra Bella’s credit my friends wrap was, “really good” as described by him. Just as we finished eating we were joined by our new friend and enjoyed some more good conversation in the quaint atmosphere of Terra Bella. When we finished I stayed behind for a bit to read and enjoy the atmosphere and my very delicious coffee. I will try Terra Bella’s again; if for no other reason than the coffee…but rest assured I will steer clear of the “Terra Turkey Avocado Sandwich.”

All in all I give Terra Bella 3 and ½ out of 5 coffee cups but that half is half empty not half full =D  

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