Thursday, September 22, 2011

Starbucks on Dimond and Old Seward

this place is busy. i arrived here at about 12:30 to grab a bagel and coffee. the bagel was free as just yesterday i received a card in the mail from starbucks for a free one. how can you pass up free bagels? i don't know, i didn't. i have been to this starbucks before, i like it. the location is decent although in a very high traffic area. pretty much every seat is taken. people reading news papers, books, kindles, nooks, and laptops litter the place. enjoying good coffee and well at least for me a bagel.

there are also tables of people having conversations. for instance the two girls behind me are sharing stories of trips taken. the one just returned from someplace in europe. she seemed to have enjoyed herself and has convinced her friend that, "you have to go there or die!" seems a bit dramatic to me but i don't know i have never been anywhere "over the pond" as you say. i have been to panama where i acquired my taste for coffee. surprisingly i didn't start drinking it black but with "sweetened evaporated milk". not sure why i have stopped that, perhaps i should try that again? we'll see.

i guess what reminds me of panama in this moment since it isn't any closer to the european continent is the service man, who is meeting with another guy dressed pretty casually discussing their relationship with God. i have been eavesdropping into their conversation. i know thats terrible but i am interested in the topic. i am not surprised that i haven't heard the name Jesus, i am sure that is who they are talking about but why not mention His name? are we afraid of it? i think many of us are. whether we're afraid of what people might think of us or offending others and what they might believe, i'm not sure which, maybe a little of both.

i know that if you sit with me as some have come accustomed will hear me ask, "who is Jesus to you?" and then "what is Jesus doing in you," "what is Jesus been doing through you?" "what is it that Jesus wants to do in you" and finally, "what does Jesus want to do through you?" i know for me today Jesus has been my companion and friend. we have had some great conversations. we talked about a little book that was recently loaned to me that i began reading through today, "an hour with...." well some guy i can't recall at the moment (i know, terrible). but in that conversation i was impressed to follow through on a life calling. foster care.

i went online and printed the forms and have been filling them out here at starbucks. there is such a great need to good foster homes. having worked with the system in two states, first california and also while here in alaska, i know first hand of the great need. the need for us to give to others and do for others and answer the call to pay attention to and help, widows and children. i am now in a place that i can do this again and Jesus today reminded me of that fact. Jesus through in me and through me because of who He is to me.

Now back to the purpose of this blog...this starbucks is great for filling out papers, having conversation, listening to conversations, surfing the web and watching people but to concentrate on reading one must not be easily distracted. this is my catch 22. i need people around me but i need them to be quiet...ahahahaha

so the journey continues.....on to the next!

all in all i do like this starbucks and give it 4 cups :):):):)

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