Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kaladi's Coffee, New Sagaya Midtown Market

Today I met my friend Brian, at the Kaladi Brothers Coffee, inside the New Sagaya Midtown Market. This is definitely not a place to go if you are interested in a place for some quiet reading. It is a happening place with all sorts of people from every walk of life converging in a market atmosphere that reminded me very much of Pikes Place Market in Seattle, Washington, without of course the flying fish and the pear since it is in midtown.

As I pulled into the very busy parking lot I was immediately asked by a gentleman if I wanted to buy some chew. I assumed it wasn't chewing gum and declined ever so kindly as he opened the pack and grabbed a chunk to put in his mouth. I wondered if that was the pack he was trying to sell me or if he intended only to give me some of that now opened packet. I didn't stick around to find out as I was running a few minutes late. A fact my friend kindly reminded me of with a text, "Dear Lord, bless this food and be with Chris as he is running late. Keep him safe as he speeds across town! In Jesus name, Amen!" I was unable to reply as my phone died as I read it. Seems not only is he a pastor but also a comedian.

I like the atmosphere in there. It is a great place to go and talk over lunch or coffee. They have an assortment of food to choose from, sandwiches, salads, soups, pizza or calzones, chinese, and enchiladas. I of course had the enchiladas because when given a choice I can only choose mexican every time. It's some sort of psychosis I am sure. The enchiladas were decent but really what does one expect going into a place like that anyway...at best subpar for any mexican. The sad thing is I always wish I had gotten something else or at least wish I had gone to a real mexican restaurant.

As far as the coffee goes, you really can't go wrong with Kaladi Brothers and I played it very safe by just getting an americano, black. I drink most of my coffee black because if its not black its not coffee, its a latte or something else with coffee in it. I'm not knocking latte's as I enjoy those too but its not coffee in the tradition sense.

Anyway, New Sagaya Midtown Market, is a win win if you are looking for a place to visit with a friend and drink coffee, eat lunch and visit. It has a specialty market if you wanted to grab some food you might have a problem finding at safeway or fred's. Just not a good, quiet place to read and collect your thoughts.

I am still giving it 4 out of 5 coffee cups because the place is just cool!

Still on the hunt though for the place that fits...so the journey continues..................

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